Art of Electronics (3rd)

Kicking off a new book to work through.

I remember going through the second edition and running into lots of questions/things I wanted to explore further. So why not work through the 3rd edition? If you’re feeling particularly brave, a link to get your own copy is below. 

I’ll probably do the lab book as well once I clear some space on a bench.

Restarting YARG

A while back, I was kicking around a few roguelike game ideas. YARG 1 is a relaunch.

I haven’t worked in Java in a while, so that will be the language for now. Once I get underway a bit farther I’ll get code repositories and Project management up and shared. 

The first phase is going to be working out the display system. I’m currently thinking of using SVG based tiles. This will allow me to create alphanumeric tiles programmatically, but also allow for future expansion into other tiles.  The downside is that even the “ASCII” tiles won’t play too nicely with terminal based play. I’ll try to leave the GUI abstract enough that a terminal replacement is at least possible (even if I don’t make it myself).

Working on the visual interface will give me time to decide which of the roguelike ideas I want to pursue.. Plus I can try to package it up as an independent library.

Software Introduction

This category contains assorted software projects and topics.

I try to work on personal projects that aren’t too closely related to work. This is mainly to help keep me interested, but also helps with any IP issues. 

I will be putting code up somewhere (probably github) as the actual projects get underway and hope to get some of the project management/task tracking organized and made public as well. 

Hardware Introduction

This category contains assorted hardware projects, inclusive of the hardware portions embedded ones.

I plan to setup some git (github?) repositories for sharing schematics/layouts etc. Git isn’t really a great tool for it though, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for a better solution. 

I am not a hardware person by any stretch, so exploring in this direction should be fun. 

Books Introduction

Welcome to the Books section of Sparking Squirrel.

Books are important to me. In technical endeavors, I generally find myself using them to build knowledge from the bottom up (vs top down like projects tend to promote).

My pal is to use this section to track progress through various books that I am working my way through, and probably write some book reviews along the way as well. 

Obviously, this category will overlap with the others depending on the subject matter involved. I’m not yet certain that separating them out into a distinct category is worthwhile, but I figured I’d give it a shot. Each book should also have it’s own tag, so that might be sufficient. Time will tell. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I don’t really intend for this to make money, but if I’m going to be linking to Amazon for books I’m discussing anyhow…