Project Eos

Project Eos1 is an alarm clock project that will include a progressive dawn like lighting element. 

Initially it will be either Arduino or maybe even Raspberry Pi powered. This is total overkill, but I want to play with a few different display/input options, and the iteration speed will be faster this way. Once the prototype provides enough information for the final version, it will probably be moved to a single PCB option with a microcontroller. 

As a list for myself, version one will need:

  • A processor of some sort. An Arduino or Raspberry Pi for now
  • A way to tell the time reasonably accurately
    • Either a real time clock module of some sort, or an internet service. I could track time other ways later, but this gets me going without worrying too much about the precision of my timekeeping. 
  • LED(s) + driver circuitry + diffuser(s) etc.
  • A way to display the time. I would prefer this to not be on by default unless *very* dim. But if not on all the time need a sufficiently simple way to temporarily turn it on and probably have it stay on on a schedule.
  • A way to generate an appropriate sound
  • Buttons/switches to set times/alarms/snooze/etc
  • Software

I know there are plenty of these out there, but the timekeeping and lighting aspects tie into another project that is already underway. 

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