Splitting EOS

As I think some more about this, I want the alarm clock portion to be near the bed, but not the light portion. This means some sort of communication (presumably wireless) between them.

I’m also not sure just how much light I’ll need to pull this off and/or how to diffuse it effectively. Also, colors?

With this in mind, I think step one is going to be to kludge together an LED setup to get a feel for brightness controls. I’m concerned by how dim I can usefully go using PWM so may need to look into a more involved current source rather than just using the PWM off of a micro to trigger a transistor (I’m assuming I’ll need more current than the micro pin can source/sink)

With that in mind:

Step One: Figure how much light I’ll need, if I want colors (possibly starting more red), and how to diffuse the light.

Step Two: Get the fading process worked out, but just triggered by a local button.

Step Three: Clock Stuff

Step Four: Wireless communication. I may go with something that includes wireless from the start (I’ve already been kicking around the idea of an MQTT hub for the house, could just use actual wifi and tie into it, but I’d also like to learn to do some more direct radio comms)