Headfirst C

I had been working through a C++ book, which I just realized I hand’t added here yet. So I’ll do that later… What this is really about, is I am switching over to work though another book, primarily because I have an electronic version of this one, and so don’t have to have the actual book with me.

IN general, I like the headfirst series, even if they tend to be on the simpler side, they are (relatively) fun to read. This one is no exception. I’m a few chapters in and while I’m not really learning anything new, it’s a good enough refresher for basic C since I haven’t’ worked with it in a very long time.

Project Talos

Another project to track on here. This one is a MQTT backed general automation system. The initial application will be the kitchen indoor herb garden. Starting with light, then temps, and probably water as a third option.

Each application area (for example herb garden, aquarium, fermentation chamber) will have it’s own local controller (probably RaspberryPi Zero W). Each module in that system should also have some degree of local autonomy and be able to respond to emergencies without input form the controller.

The house as a whole will also have a MQTT hub which will aggregate the internal MQTT traffic and push data out to a cloud (probably azure, but possibly AWS) based service.