This blog is here mainly for me to use as a place to keep notes and document progress on various hardware and software projects.  While the primary purpose of this blog is more of a personal scratch pad and progress tracker, I warmly welcome anyone who is interested to tag along for the ride.

I find myself jumping between various projects depending on things like weather (less gets done when it’s nice outside) and what I’m working on at work (I tend to not work on things too similar to work projects).  I’m hoping that this blog will make it easier to get back up to speed when getting back into a project that has been dormant for a while as well as provided extra incentive to keep progressing when things seem to be dragging a bit. 

The name comes from the nature of squirrels as distraction, particularly to things like dogs “Oooh! A Squirrel!” It is also a nod to squirrels’ tendency to stash things all over the place to only maybe come back for them later. So here it is, my stash of acorns and distractions.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I don’t really intend for this to make money, but if I’m going to be linking to Amazon for books I’m discussing anyhow…