Project Euler Problem #1

I did the first Project Euler problem. Since the goal for an easy one like this was more about getting tool chain issues sorted out I went ahead and did it the brute force O(n) way. I had planned on working out the more efficient solution which should be O(1), but they actually discuss it in the explanation you get after reading it, so now I don’t know if I will or not.

Doing it the more efficient way would still let me play around with pointing a profiler at it or something to actually measure the difference, so maybe I still will. I definitely will for some problems, I just don’t know if I’ll bother with one this simple.

EDIT: Decided to go ahead and do the smarter version. Also found a bug in the brute force version while doing so and fixed it.

EDIT2: Removed link to github (and made repo private) because it is against the rules to reveal solutions.

Building KiCAD

In addition to personal projects, I’d like to contribute to some larger efforts. And if doing so, might as well contribute to something I use. This makes KiCAD an obvious possibility since I’ll likely be using it as my EDA tool while working on hardware.

KiCAD is not a simple piece of software, so I may revisit this. But step one is going to be to 1) Get this to build in windows or 2) Setup a Linux environment (probably virtual) and built it there instead. Just getting it to build looks like it’ll take some effort, but I have been wanting to dive into more modern C++ for a while.

Even if I end up not contributing, looking into the details of the KiCAD codebase will probably be interesting.